WOW! Get Paid To Fly?

And an amusing story for the end of the week. Ultra-low cost carrier WOW Airseems to be in the mood to make some noise. According to CEO Skuli Mogensen, the carrier is considering pushing its way to profitability by offering passengers payment to fly them, giving a new option to passengers who have ever said, “I wouldn’t fly this airline again if they paid me!”

WOW Cash


It doesn’t matter what the service is like onboard, my daughter would love to fly in a purple airplane.                                                                            Photo Credit: Creative Commons

The ultra-low cost international carrier is discussing something that I’ve heard from other ULCCs, such as Ryan Air, which is to pay passengers to use them. According to the CEO, passengers would be paid for their social media posts but, given the low-cost nature of the airline, I’m not sure that there’s much to show off. Rather, a captive audience is the more attractive reason. Once you’ve got people bored people on the jet, you’ve got a plane full of customers for food, beverage, duty free and anything else you can think of. Heck, Amazon has put land-based shopping malls out of business, why not take retail to 30,000 feet?

I’m not sure that such a plan is feasible, but it’s a lot of fun to talk about.


*Beginner’s Hint: There is a difference between a low cost carrier (LCC) and ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC). The former is Southwest, which has keeps its operating costs low by keeping its planes in the sky longer and charges a reasonable price to fly. The latter also keeps its costs low but sets its ticket prices at rock-bottom, hoping to make a fortune through the fees that it will charge. For instance, Southwest lets you check two bags for free. Most ULCCs won’t even allow you to put a bag in the overhead without a charge. Check out WOW’s list of fees.

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