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I’m still on the road, so I’m spending more time on CNN Travel than I normally do, but there were a few interesting articles that caught my eye.

Reclining Your Seat

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The only topic that causes more controversy than kids in first class is whether you should be able to recline your seat.

The quick answer, on virtually every airline, is “yes.” According to the airlines, the “pitch” behind you, or space from one seat back to the next, is yours to lean back into. Since the seats don’t recline much, the chance of your leaning back into somebody’s knees are lower, although 30″ pitch on some planes makes it a bit more of an adventure. For taller passengers, there is often no choice; many people simply don’t fit.

Having said that, here are two hints to make everyone’s live easier:

  • Recline slowly. It’s very possible that the person sitting behind you is just getting settled, has bent over or has taken out their laptop. Give the person behind you at least a half turn of your head to make sure you won’t be breaking somebody or something. Worst case scenario, the flight attendant will defend your right to recline. Actually, the worst case scenario is that you get in a fist fight with the person behind you, which happened several times last year,but that’s unlikely.
  • Sit up at meal time. I know, you’re laughing: what meals? But more airlines are at least offering snacks, and it’s really not considerate to have your hair in somebody’s ginger ale.


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I’m determined to convince somebody, somewhere that cruising is as good a vacation as there is. They are not, as many still like to claim, the haunt of the “newly wed, overfed and nearly dead.” Not so much. CNN Traveler thinks that the answer is because of the cost. And if that’s the case, then the cruise lines really have to change people’s perception, since they are among the least expensive trips you can take. Not only does your fare cover lodging and meals but you also get to visit some interesting destinations along the way. While cruise lines do offer several ways to spend your money on extras, you could literally go the entire length of cruise without spending another penny. Those $99 per night per person offers? They’re real. The cruise line is hoping that you will buy those $9 drinks once you are on. Hey, take advantage of it.

Got another reason for not cruising? Here are 26 more myths debunked.

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