Weird Weekend Travel Stuff

I usually like to keep my posts light on Fridays, mostly because we all need something to ease us into the weekend. Naturally, the travel industry never fails to disappoint.

Travel Leading to Love

For you and your soon-to-be spouse

For those of you who always dread what the seat next to you on a plane could bring, this story will hopefully make you feel a little better about the next stranger to sit down.

I couldn’t imagine meeting somebody on the road like that until I remembered that I met my wife at an American Airlines event in Dallas, a city that was home to neither of us. And I knew it was true love when she agreed to stay at three different hotels in the same city over four nights so that I could maintain my Starwood elite status. What more could a guy want?

Travel Leading to A Brush with Fame

Admit it: You have always wanted to see just how much “material” the Material Girl has. No problem. Now, you can stay in one of her former houses, albeit one that she sold 15 years ago. Okay, it’s going to cost you somewhere between $500 and $1,000 per night, but it’ll just be one more item that you can check off your bucket list.

Travel Leading to Industrial Products

They all look alike

And you thought that you were having a bad day. You could be American Airlines passenger Anna Knight, who filed a complaint on Twitter (naturally) that American Airline employees had stolen her bag and replaced the items with airline equipment. Apparently, the most likely possibility, that she had simply taken the wrong bag, never occurred to her. Her panicked tweet proclaimed “I just got robbed by American Airlines . . . ALL MY STUFF IS GONE & replaced with airline equipment! $8000 worth of items GONE! Priceless souvenirs from my trip GONE!!” 

Fortunately, it turned out that she had, indeed, grabbed the wrong bag.

Note to Ms. Knight, as well as everyone else: First, you shouldn’t put $8,000 of anything in your bag. If you have expensive goodies, carry it with you, or find some other way to get it home. Never check anything valuable. And second, you can’t call souvenirs “priceless” and also give them a dollar value. I do not think that word means what she think it means.


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