Weekend Tidbits

Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a good start. Here are a few tidbits to mull over today:

Updated Marriott Megabonus

marriott, megabonus

I don’t actually see a hotel in that picture.

Well, that was anti-climactic. One of the most interesting things about this time period’s Megabonus offer was that, if you finished the two stays and earned your free night, they would give you an additional promotion.

Sadly, it wasn’t a particularly good one, although it might be different for everyone. I get a lousy 10,000 points, not even enough for a free night, for five more stays through January 15. Marriott’s generosity was good while it lasted.

Discover 5% Cashback for Jan-Mar


Discover announced that its 5% categories back for January through March. Make purchases with your eligible Discover card at gas stations or wholesale clubs for the first three months of the new year and they’ll kick back 5% of your purchases, up to a maximum of $1,500 what you buy. Discover offers 5% categories every quarter of the year, so you can pick up an easy $300 in rebates.

Truthfully, though, the biggest money-maker at Discover is available year round through its Discover Deals. Earn 5% back or more when you shop through the portal, which is one of the best cash back sites out there.

More Airline Fees Coming?

According to the Wall Street Journal, airports are agitating for an $8 per round-trip ticket increase to the current “passenger facility charge” to help pay for renovations. It seems to make perfect sense: The users of the facility should pay extra for it.

Except that’s not how things work. Airports benefit an entire community and we all pay taxes for benefits that we don’t use (as well as use facilities that we didn’t necessarily pay for). Airlines are already one of the most taxed and “fee’d” industries, and another $8 per passenger might not seem like a lot, but I guarantee that it will lead to routes being cancelled and/or fewer passengers.

Airports in the United States clearly trail their peers around the world, but you’re already paying a small fortune on every ticket. Either the government needs to invest in its local facilities or they need to at least partially privatize the entire system.


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