Up To 600 United Miles: Opinion Miles Club

Surveys are a good way to earn some extra points, miles or dollars. Most airlines offer them and they’re easy enough partners to use. Opinion Miles Club for United Airlines is one such partner. But there may be a better reason than the miles to join.

Opinion Miles Club

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At United, you can earn up to 600 miles by joining their survey partner and completing your first survey. Most of them range from 5-15 minutes long, and it’s easy enough to complete them while doing, well, anything else. Premier (elite) members and United credit card holders get the 600 miles bonus, while all other frequent flyers get 300.

Is 600 (or 300) miles worth much? Not really, if the miles are worth 1-2 cents each. But there’s another factor in play here: mileage expiration. If you’re like me, and fly some airlines infrequently, you run into the risk of seeing your account deactivated (United will do so after 18 months of inactivity.). That fact, in and of itself, makes it worthwhile to join and do a survey, even if you never do one again.


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