United MileagePlus X

This is part 2 of the instant rebate apps post.

United MileagePlus X

This one has been around a while, but I spend less time on United than I do most of the other airlines so, well, my bad.

United offers the MileagePlus X app, which gives you United miles for making purchases. You don’t get as big a refund as you do with Subtotal, but it can be used at retail stores, not just restaurants. It works the same way: Let the cashier ring up your purchase and input the dollar amount into the app. It will generate a bar code for you that the cashier can scan and you’re on your way. You’ll earn miles for the purchases based on the app’s payout rate. It’s a great way to earn some extra United miles.

It also works at online merchants (including Amazon), which may allow you to double-dip if you go through a cashback shopping site first. If you are operating entirely on a mobile phone, you can process the whole transaction there, as well. If you want to use a laptop or desktop to make your purchase, you can still use the MileagePlus X app to generate a code and then type that code in on your laptop (also allowing you to go through a cashback shopping site; success rate at double-dipping may vary).

The technology tends to be a bit more frustrating than Subtotal and outages do occur.

But there is one nice bonus, and that comes if you are a Chase United MileagePlus credit card holder. If you have the card listed on your MileagePlus X account, you will get a 25% bonus, even if you are not using that card to make the purchase. For example, if you use the App to make a purchase at Staples, you’d normally get three miles per dollar spent. But if you have the United credit card listed on the app, you’ll get 3.75 miles per dollar, regardless of which credit card you actually use to make the purchase (The app will let you select which card to charge for each purchase.). It’s a good way to pick up some extra United miles, particularly since a reader informed me that e-rewards has cut off United miles as a redemption option.


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