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Every so often, I like to do something different and talk about individual cities instead of the miles and points that you can use to get there. Today, I wanted to look at one of the country’s most underrated locations. It’s a city that not only offers a ton of activities but is also an inexpensive destination. I’m talking about Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland. So why should you spend your time there?

Baltimore Is Easy And Inexpensive To Get To

Gone are the days that US Airways owned the airport. With several low-cost carriers offering flights to the city, including a seemingly endless number from Southwest, you’re absolutely going to find a cheap fare to get there. Once you’re in the city, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an inexpensive hotel, either. Fewer tourists means less demand in a city with plenty of supply.

What To Do In Baltimore

Camden Yards, one of the nicest ballparks in the nation.                                        Photo Credit: Creative Commons

So what is there to do in the city? I’m glad you asked.


Baltimore is a great city for sports fans, even if their teams aren’t particularly good.

My favorite spot is Oriole Park at Camden Yards, which might be the nicest baseball stadium in the country. Completed in 1992, the park was built in a retro style, rather than the multi-use monstrosity approach that has become so common. It’s slightly smaller than others, definitely more intimate and looks like something that would have been built 100 years ago. They were taking a chance at the time, but it ultimately proved to be a success, as several other stadiums have copied the design. Best of all, tickets are often cheap, even on game day.

The Inner Harbor

One of the many residents of the National Aquarium                                                                  Photo Credit: Creative Commons

The Inner Harbor is the place that most visitors start. You have easy access to the sports stadiums above, but

Families have several museums from which to choose. I’m partial to the National Aquarium, which punches above its weight in terms of its host city’s size. Regardless, it outclasses many of its larger competitors around the country. But the Maryland Science Center and Museum of Industry, which traces the industrial history of the city, are also worth a visit.

History buffs also have sites to visit. In the Inner Harbor, be sure to stop by the USS Constellation, now a National Historic Landmark. The successor to the first USS Constellation, the “current” iteration was built in 1854 and lives permanently in the harbor. A couple of miles away is Fort McHenry National Monument. During the War of 1812 and Battle of Baltimore, the Fort protected the city from the British. But it’s probably best known as the location where Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner, which ultimately became the American national anthem. No true Patriot can denigrate the importance of the city and the Fort to America’s history.

Congratulations! You Now Know A Fraction Of Charm City

This note is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Here are five other things to see:


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