Tidbits From Around The Industry

As we head into Friday, here are a few non-Earth shattering pieces from around the travel industry. Enjoy your weekend.

Delta Is Hiring

Delta Airlines

Airlines are growing again. Delta is in need of over 1,000 flight attendants for a job that appears harder to get than admission to a top university.

For a job that seems to be one of the most thankless in the industry, it sure is a popular gig. According to CNN, 150,000 people applied to become flight attendants last year at the airline and fewer than 1% made the cut. It’s not like the pay is great, either. You’ll start at about $25,000 per year and, because you’re at the bottom of the seniority list, you’ll get all the least popular routes.

Those must be some great travel benefits.

Airlines Earnings Season Is Over…

And most of them are pretty thankful. Southwest’s stock was down almost 4% yesterday and American’s was down almost 5%, and they were the lucky ones. Earlier this week, Alaska saw a 10% decline, as did United last week, on a call that was filled with unintentional humor.

Starwood And Uber Breaking Up

And finally, some sad news. Uber and Starwood are ending their three year relationship on December 17, killing off a previous partnership that had allowed you to earn SPG points every time you rode with the ride sharing company. The companies issued a joint statement expressing their continuing friendship and love for each other, while requesting privacy for the sake of their children.


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