Three indulgent attractions around the world worth seeing

I use a number of different sources on any given day to decide what I am going to write about, including the news, reader requests (I need more of those, by the way.) and, of course, the internet. One of my favorite sites is actually CNN travel. They rarely have stories about miles, but they do write a lot about interesting travel destinations and what to do there. Here’s a few ways to indulge:

Start your trip by flying Etihad Airways’s The Residence, a multi-unit suite on its A380 from London to Abu Dhabi. Is the butler service a superficial gimmick, as some claim? Possibly. But hey, if I were shelling out $20,000 for the approximately eight hour trip, I’d want a few gimmicks, as well. For those who don’t have more money than they know what to do with, The Residence can also be booked using partner miles, including American. So if you have a few to spare…

If you are a Harry Potter fan, consider making London your destination instead of origin and attend the Christmas dinner at Hogwarts on December 3. For only 230 British Pounds, you’ll get your own wand and a night of music, dancing and dinner, presumably accompanied by butter beer. After the gala, you’ll get a tour of the studio and dessert on Platform 9 3/4. No word on whether The Weird Sisters are providing the music or if you’ll be served by house elves, but I’m hopeful.

No robes required.

And finally, if you haven’t had enough treats for one trip, head over to Provence, skip the wine & chateaux and, instead, visit the Haribo Museum, that lovely purveyor of gummy bears, jelly beans and other stuff that will rot your teeth. You’ll get to see the history of the company, lots of bubble font and a video of how the factory works. Or, you can just skip to the end and get some free candy. Read more at CNN Travel.

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