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Fly Across The Atlantic In Business For Less

virgin atlantic

I’ll start by saying this: International business class is almost never cheap. Please don’t equate “for less” with “cheap.”   One of the best uses of frequent flyer miles is international travel, particularly in premium classes of service. Airlines have made changes to their redemption policies that have made it more expensive, sometimes prohibitively so, …

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When A Great Deal Isn’t

It’s no secret that one of my core rules around accumulating miles is to use credit card sign-up bonuses to your advantage. But that doesn’t mean that every deal is equal, and what looks like the best of deals may not be. Here’s one example. Virgin Atlantic: “Earn up to 90,000 bonus miles!” Well, Maybe… I …

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Specials on Virgin and travel hints in the media

By the way, my apologies to those of you who typed in a risqué Google search and ended up here.  I’m talking about Virgin the airlines. Because of ownership restrictions, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic have only loose ties, but both carry Richard Branson’s signature touches and both are offering some interesting specials. Our domestic …

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“Hello, Richard Branson? I’m Pro Moe.”

Every industry has its cast of characters, and the “mileage-accumulation” business is no different.  Among the characters that I know, Pro Moe is one of my favorites. Pro Moe is one of the nicest guys that you could hope to meet.  He’s the guy you want as a neighbor, who will come help shovel out your walkway …

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