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Paying For Luxury Versus Nickel And Diming

four seasons

So two pieces of news caught my eye this week. One reflects the ultimate in luxury, while the other is just penny-pinching annoying. Four Seasons And The New Jet Because sometimes, a Four Seasons hotel room isn’t luxurious enough. And let’s face it, the old jet was looking a bit outdated. If you weren’t impressed …

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Helpful Hints For A Cruise

cabo san lucas, shore excursion

I’m making my way back into posting for 2018, but before I do, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite methods of travel: Cruising. As far as I’m concerned, a cruise is about the best value that you can find for your vacation. We just got off a 7-day trip and have a …

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Cruising: Your Best Vacation Value

If you’ve never taken a cruise, you’re missing out on a truly great vacation opportunity. No other trip offers the combination of value, service and destinations that your floating hotel does. For those whose only exposure to cruises has been re-runs of “The Love Boat,” let me dispel a few myths for you. I’ll be …

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