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American Airlines Launches Premium Economy Awards

American Airlines Premium Award Chart

Many readers may have gotten an email recently from American telling them that Premium Economy awards are now available. I thought that it might be interesting to take a look at the segment. Premium Economy Premium economy (PE) is a long-haul product that fills the space between traditional economy and business class. It’s not as spacious …

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Does Premium Economy Bring Back The Mileage Run?

mileage run, premium economy

Welcome to February. As we anxiously await word from Punxsutawney Phil tomorrow, you may think that I would want to talk about going someplace warm. Think again. We’re going to chilly South Korea. But don’t worry, we won’t be there long. The Revived Premium Economy You used to get first or coach. That was it. …

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Delta Is Trying to Decommoditize The Industry

delta premium select

Yesterday, Delta held its annual investor day and, if there is one thing that came out of it, it’s that Delta is trying to differentiate its various products. Airlines have tried this before, of course (“Song” with Delta and “Ted” at United), but have never had this many products on the same airplane. Read on …

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Premium Economy Is (Finally) Coming to The US

Get ready to hear a lot about Premium Economy over the next several months. Premium Economy (PE) is an international product (usually) that bridges the gap between coach and business. Several airlines around the world have a version of it on their planes, but the United States has been lacking. But wait, you ask, didn’t …

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A short review of Delta Comfort+

As IT and revenue management becomes increasingly more sophisticated, they have allowed airlines to segment their customers more effectively and develop new products for sale.  Like it or not, airlines are profit-seeking enterprises, and if they determine that they could make money by charging for oxygen on the flight, at least one or two would …

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