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JetBlue’s Mint Continues to Expand

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I got a reminder today from JetBlue that Mint Service, JetBlue’s premium product, is available for booking from Boston to Seattle. And the beat goes on. JetBlue As Industry Disruptor When JetBlue announced its Mint product several years ago, I anticipated an expensive failure. JetBlue was, at that time, a leisure carrier whose profitability was …

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Review Of JetBlue’s Mint: As Good As It Gets

If you’re not quite sure what you’re saving your points for, here’s a suggestion. And please note, this post is going to be a little longer than usual because I’m on an airplane and have some time to kill. This review is based on a flight from San Francisco to Boston with my family of …

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JetBlue Business Plan Continues To Evolve

When it comes to the in-flight experience, I think JetBlue has one of the best. When it comes to rewards programs, I think JetBlue has one of the best. And when it comes to credit cards, they definitely have the best. But there’s one area in which they seem a little less consistent. And that …

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JetBlue’s Mint is coming to Boston

It was exactly 20 days ago that I told a reader that Mint would be coming to Boston when the hellmouth froze over. So much for that, as the temperature just dropped precipitously in Sunnydale; this morning, JetBlue announced Mint service from Boston to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Barbados. San Francisco and seasonal Saturday Barbados …

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JetBlue adds destinations to first class “Mint” service

Last year, JetBlue launched its take on the first-class service, called “Mint.”  The goal of Mint was two-fold: First, it would provide a way for corporate customers to be able to offer a premium trans-continental service from New York.  Second, JetBlue was hoping that leisure customers would be willing to pay for first-class out of …

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