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American: Double Trouble Will Lead To Higher Ticket Prices

American Airlines had their quarterly earnings call with the Wall Street types and it was more eventful than their typical announcement. But one thing stood out: fuel prices. The $2 Billion Problem You probably don’t pay much attention to the daily fluctuations in the price of oil, but the airlines do. It’s their second-largest cost, …

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Summer’s Coming: Be Prepared

summer travel

Hard as it may be to believe, particularly for those of us living in the northeast, summer is around the corner and, with a change in seasons comes a change in leisure travel. Be Like The Boy Scouts Every season has its own challenges, but the ones in summer turn mainly to those of congestion. …

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IHG Shows Why Loyalty Programs Are Anything But That

IHG, accelerate

I love the term “loyalty program.” Kind of makes you seem like the merchant is giving you something for having done lots of business with them. It isn’t, but it sounds a lot better than “trying to influence your future behavior” program.* IHG Accelerate No company makes the point better than IHG, the parent of …

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Southwest Airlines: Double Rapid Rewards Points

southwest, rapid rewards

Southwest Airlines recently announced a double Rapid Rewards promotion for flights booked and completed between April 6 and June 13. You will need to register. Rapid Rewards Overview Why is this program different from all other programs? Rapid Rewards is one of the more favorable programs, with points that can be used for any flight …

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Choice Hotels Promotion: Stay Two Nights, Get One Free (Sort Of)


You have to go to the smaller hotel chains to get a shot at a decent promotions. Until May 25, Choice Hotels is offering an old favorite, stay two nights and get one free. Choice Hotels, 3 for 2 You may not know the name “Choice Hotels,” but you’ve heard of their brands, which include …

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Using Points Or Miles To Bid For Experiences

delta private jet

Got a few extra hundred thousand points or so that you don’t know what to do with? No problem, travel providers have found a way to help you out. Auctions with Points Or Miles Sure, anyone can save up miles (or money, for that matter) to fly First Class around the world. But how many …

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Delta And Alaska: Earning Miles From Delayed Baggage

delta, alaska

Nobody likes to check their bags when flying. It guarantees waiting at the carousel for an undetermined period of time when all you want to do is get out of the airport. But if you wait long enough and fly the right airline, it could be a profitable venture. Miles Or Money For Delayed Baggage …

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Making Money By Paying Taxes

Please note: You can learn a bit about the blog here. There may be credit card links in this post or on the Credit Cards for Charity page. Any money generated from credit card commissions on this site goes to charity.  In a few weeks, spring will begin, at least according to the calendar if …

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A Few Hints For Surviving A Weather Delay

Airline delays are never fun, but I find weather delays to be the most frustrating at all. Maybe it has to do with assessing culpability. Unlike a mechanical issue, which is on the airlines, there’s simply no one to blame and your rights are few and far between. You can’t insist on flying on another …

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Starwood Ending VIP Status? What Are “Secret” Statuses, Anyway?

Virtually every major airline and hotel program offers “elite” status, certain privileges that you can earn by flying a certain amount of miles, staying so many nights or spending a lot of money. What many people don’t know, though, is that several of these same companies offer “secret” status that you may not get, no …

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