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Capital One Savor: Now In My Wallet

capital one savor

There are competing philosophies around credit card rewards portfolios. For those who want the “set it and forget it” method, the Citi Double Cash Card is probably the best solution. You get 2% on every purchase. No bonus multipliers or quarterly promotions to worry about. You may not always get the single best reward available, …

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Southwest Credit Card: 60,000 Points. But More Importantly, The Calendar…

southwest, rapid rewards

Southwest Rapid Rewards Card Southwest Airlines runs frequent promotions for its Rapid Rewards Credit Card, but now may be an optimal time to get it, given that we are at the end of the calendar year (More on that later.). I don’t offer Chase cards, but that link will take you directly to Southwest’s website. …

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Citibank Adjusts High-End Prestige Card. Again.

citibank prestige

There’s a continuing battle in the credit card business of benefits versus rewards. Some card companies, like American Express, offer you great benefits for having the card, but not as much in the way of rewards when you actually use the card. Chase, on the other hand, focuses more on offering great rewards when you …

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Marriott Rolls Out New Credit Cards; Premier Plus Looks Interesting

marriott rewards

As Marriott moves to combine the Starwood and Marriott Rewards programs, it is taking a necessary first step and rolling out its credit cards. Initial bonuses are often the best you’ll see for a while, so it’s worth taking a look. Marriott Rewards Premier Plus The new card that caught my attention was the Marriott …

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IHG Hobbles Its Free Night Award

Chase, IHG

It was good while it lasted. Intercontinental Group (IHG) appears to be significantly devaluing the free night that comes with its $49 credit card. 70,000 to 40,000 Starting with free nights issued after May 1, Chase and IHG are modifying what I called the best credit deal in the industry: A free night at any …

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Three Ways To Earn Big American Miles


American Airlines miles are among the most useful in the industry. The company is a member of the oneworld alliance and your miles can get you anywhere in the world. It’s taking more and more miles, though, to get that business class ticket to Asia (There’s usually great availability on Cathay.) or Europe (Be careful, …

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Making Money By Paying Taxes

Please note: You can learn a bit about the blog here. There may be credit card links in this post or on the Credit Cards for Charity page. Any money generated from credit card commissions on this site goes to charity.  In a few weeks, spring will begin, at least according to the calendar if …

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An Easy $75 From Discover And Grocery Stores


A few days ago, I wrote about Discover Deals, what I consider to be the best thing about Discover cards. Well, if Discover Deals is #1, then the quarterly 5% category is a close #2. For the second calendar quarter of the year (April through June), you can earn up to $75 by spending at …

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When Does Paying An Annual Credit Card Fee Make Sense?

Earlier today, I got a question about the JetBlue credit card. The card is one of my favorites and has some unique benefits. Of course, if you never fly JetBlue, you’re probably not going to be interested. The question I got was about whether the writer should get the card, but there’s a second question …

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New Hilton Credit Cards Have Arrived

hilton credit card

As I discussed back in November, Hilton has used the new year to roll out a new lineup of credit cards, ranging from a free one to a premium one. I don’t have access to the links yet for this site, but if you are anxious to apply, you can go directly to American Express. …

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