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Should You Buy Miles From United?


Well, maybe. Selling miles is an easy way for airlines to make some quick cash. Since there is no governor on mileage inflation, if too many miles get sold, they’ll simply raise amount of miles that a ticket costs. Apparently, it’s that time of year, since United is winding down a mileage sale,* as well. …

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Should You Buy Miles Directly From American?


If you don’t have enough miles for your next great trip, the airlines are always happy to sell you the difference. Usually, the amount that they charge you per mile is punitive. In other words, the cost of the miles greatly exceeds their value. Sometimes, though, they’ll offer a discount. And while I don’t normally …

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American Is Selling Miles. Should You Be Buying?

american aadvantage

Years ago, when I first started writing this blog, I was virtually 100% opposed to buying miles directly from the airlines.* Over time, I have not exactly become a fan of it, but have softened my stance somewhat. They’re a good way to round up your balance if you are close to an award, and …

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Buying elite status on AA & Delta

Found myself with a little free time, so I thought it might be fun to check in on the mileage world. Every year, at least one of the airlines allows you to pay for elite qualifying miles if you missed out on qualifying or requalifying for your elite level.  It’s easier than a mileage run, …

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JetBlue offers a fare sale while American tries to rip you off (again)

JetBlue announced its newest flash sale today, with fares good January 6-February 11, excluding Fridays and Sundays.  The sale is good through tomorrow night.  JetBlue is clearly an airline with an identity crisis.  As it grows and increasingly overlaps with the legacy carriers, it is trying to appeal to business travelers (with products such as …

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JetBlue non-deal deals

Before we get started, I should mention that I get a lot of help from friends in the industry to fill in some details around the edges or correct the mistakes that I make.  One of those people is my friend Michael, who was good enough to look at my last post about Delta upgrades …

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Gimmick or no gimmick, you still shouldn’t buy miles

Regular readers of my blog will know that I generally despise the “generous” offers that airlines make to let you buy miles directly from them.  And the only reason that I use “generally” is to cover the very, very few circumstances when buying miles is not a complete waste of your money, which is usually …

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Does it make sense to buy miles from the airlines?

My inbox is filled with offers from airlines offering to sell me miles directly.  No need to get on a plane and earn them, I can have more reward opportunities with the swipe of a credit card. That last sentence should be the clue that these deals are almost always bad.  They want you to …

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