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CVS Black Friday: $17.29 In Goods For $.23

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My favorite Thanksgiving tradition has returned! CVS offers a loyalty program awards called “ExtraBucks (EB).” If you make purchases of certain products, they will give you a rebate in the form of a coupon. Every year, CVS runs a Black Friday promotion in which it offers a certain number of products for free*. Buy the product …

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The CVS Black Friday Game


Every year on Black Friday, the drugstore chain CVS gives out a lot of good stuff for free. Well, almost free. But you have to know where to look. The freebies come in the form of “extrabucks (EB),” a form of CVS currency usable only at the store. You’ll often see those coupons printed out …

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New Shopping and Travel Rebates Page

In honor of black Friday, I’ve added a new “Shopping & Travel Rebates” tab in the black bar right above this post. What is it? I’ve talked about shopping portals before and haven’t yet figured out why they’re not more popular. A shopping portal is simply a way of getting money back at an online …

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How to get 27 items at CVS for $.13 (total)

It’s that time of year again, when turkeys hide and people shop.  And for those willing to go to the drugstore a couple of times this week, it’s time to save some big bucks on a ton of useful (and not so useful) items. Every year around Thanksgiving, CVS puts out a ton of goodies …

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Mileage shopping: Here comes the full-court press from the airlines

Rule #2: Never buy anything on the internet without getting some sort of rebate.  Never.  Doesn’t matter if it’s miles, cash or box tops. So winter has arrived.  The bad news is that our boiler needs some repair.  The good news is that I just got a new credit card with some minimum spend requirements, …

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And now, for something completely different: Mega extrabucks at CVS

As many of you know, around black Friday, CVS offers a huge number of items as free after extrabucks, e.g., but something for $5 and get $5 in extrabucks back.  I did my run this morning for all the free stuff.  It’s an annual tradition for me and I find a lot of amusement in …

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