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Cash Back shopping: So long, BigCrumbs

It happened again: Picking Arizona for the Final Four cost me, as they couldn’t get by Wisconsin.  On the plus side, I’ve still got three remaining (with Michigan State helping me for the second straight year).  It happens. Long-time readers will know that I am a big fan of cash back shopping sites as a …

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Meeting credit card minimum spend

The easiest way to get miles, bar none, is to sign up for a new credit card.  Many are offering up to 100,000 miles to sign up and hit a certain amount of spending within a particular period of time, usually three months.  But suppose you aren’t a big spender?  In that case, you have …

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Cash back for shopping online

If you are at this site, you’re visiting either because A) I begged you to do so or B) you’re interested in learning about frequent flyer miles.  Possibly both. One of the methods I mentioned to earn miles was shopping through the airline sites.  But there’s one thing that’s better than miles: cash. Cash is …

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