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Basic Economy: Demand Continues To Increase

Airlines are emphasizing their “hourglass” structure more than ever. For those who want luxury, the companies are spending more in business class enhancements. For those who want the cheapest flight possible, airlines are making those available, as well. And the demand for basic economy is increasing, so airlines are responding.* JetBlue, Alaska Adding Basic Economy …

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Basic Economy: Take Advantage Of ULCCs (Without Flying Them)

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ULCCs, or “ultra-low cost carriers” are the airlines that everyone loves to hate. They’re the Spirits and Frontiers of the world, with incredibly low teaser prices but fees for everything, including bags, pre-boarding, a can of Coke, etc. Passengers frequently complain about them, but they are growing faster than any other airlines, meaning that there’s …

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American Airlines Adding Basic Economy

basic economy

American Airlines issued a press release today announcing the introduction of its Basic Economy fares, matching the new fare class set out by Delta and United. Basic Economy Basic Economy (BE) is a class of service right below traditional economy and is meant to compete with the Spirit Airlines of the world. You’ll get a …

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United Rolls Out Basic Economy


Want to get the Spirit Airways experience without flying Spirit? Welcome to Basic Economy at United. United Airlines Basic Economy First of all, good for them. And I’m absolutely serious when I say that. More seating choices is simply better than fewer seat choices. Basic Economy is a take on the Delta version of a cut-rate, …

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Basic Economy Will Become An Industry Norm

Enter Basic Economy Airline trends come and airline trend goes, but there is one phenomenon that will be growing, not shrinking, over the next several years: the move to “Basic Economy.” Basic Economy (BE) is a Delta fare class that was established to compete with the ultra-low cost carriers (ULCC) like Spirit and Frontier, which …

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Delta upselling: Are they really trying to shame passengers?

One of my favorite activities as a mileage blogger is criticizing Delta because, from a consumer standpoint, they do so much that deserves to be criticized. Granted, not only do they have the right but they also, in fact, have the obligation to make money for their shareholders, so I understand why they raise fees …

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