Suing An Airline, A Scenic View And An Attack On Root Beer

Another week in the world of travel (and I still don’t have access to my Delta account)…

Taking The Airlines to Court


Feel like suing an airline? Okay, that’s a stupid question. Everyone has wanted to sue an airline at one time or another. Well congratulations, since somebody has done that for you.

According to this piece, lawyers have launched a class action suit against the major airlines for price fixing. The genesis of the suit is from a couple of summers ago, when airlines announced price increases in public forums that the lawyers claim was a signaling mechanism to other airlines, in violation of anti-trust laws. American and Southwest have already agreed to fork over some cash, and I’m assuming that the others will follow behind shortly.

Here’s the bad news: You may not actually get any money. Since it’s unknown how much expenses and lawyers fees will be, you could end up with a couple of $5 discount coupons on your next flight. But it does feel good to hit back, doesn’t it?

A View from The Loo

Delta has announced the launch of its newest plane, the Airbus A220. I’m still a little freaked out over the fact that it’s a 2-series, but it comes with lots of nifty features:

  • A 3-2 seat configuration (three on one side, two on the other), means that you only have a 20% chance of getting stuck in a middle seat, similar to the old AirTran configurations.
  • Higher ceilings and a wider body mean that you won’t feel quite so much like you are in a coffin.
  • The best part, though, may be the window in the bathroom. I’m not sure what the advantage is, other than to brighten up the area a bit, but it does seem like a cool thing to have. No word on whether the window comes with a shade for privacy.

The Disgusting Food Museum

No, seriously, that’s the name. Opening in Malmo, Sweden, one of the museum’s primary purpose is to show that one man’s poison ivy is, as George Ade said, another man’s spinach.

There’s no word on whether spinach or poison ivy will be represented, but you’ll get a chance to sample (orally or otherwise) several “delicacies from around the world, such as fried tarantula or bull penis.

I’m not sure, however, how a museum that is trying to get me to eat a poisonous spider can take a shot at root beer, claiming that Swedes think it tastes like toothpaste. For shame!


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