Starwood Promotions and Administrative Issues

Two Starwood Promotions

Starwood does a few big promotions per year, but it also does several smaller promos. The smaller ones have a more limited audience but rarely take much effort. Usually, they are “nice to haves.”

Bonus Delta Miles

At most hotel brands, you have the option to earn airline miles instead of the hotel’s proprietary points. Starwood, for example, offers you two airline miles per dollar spent on most airlines if you have your account set up to earn airline currency. The miles are rarely as valuable as the points would have been, but the miles aren’t terrible. Delta and Starwood are making it a little bit sweeter to take miles, offering a 1,000 point bonus for stays of two nights or longer at a Starwood property between now and January 31. The math still isn’t very good to take miles, but it’s better than it was previously. You need to register first and then book using code AIRPRODL. The site does say “participating hotels in North and Latin America” but does not define “participating.” Personally, I would not change my travel habits for this promotion, but if you are already earning miles, it’s a bonus.

Tribute Brand Bonus

Independent hotels are very hot right now so, naturally, the large hotel chains had to get into the market. Starwood established the Tribute Portfolio, a selection of independent hotels that have chosen to fork over cash to the company for use of its reservation system and loyalty program. There will only be four hotels in the program by the time Thanksgiving shows up, but if you find yourself in Miami, London, Palm Springs or Hokkaido, you’re in luck.

Register here and you will earn 2,000 bonus points for each stay at a participating Tribute property (Japan appears to be excluded, as it is the latest to open.), up to a maximum of 10,000 points, through December 20. That’s actually a pretty good deal and one that would cause me to change travel plans if I were already in the area. You do not need to re-register if you already participated in the Tribute bonus earlier this year.

Administrative “Stuff”

I will be traveling for the next several days, so postings will be lighter than usual.

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