Rocketmiles: What To Do If You Don’t Want Hotel Points

Everyone who flies has a frequent flyer number, buy many hotel guests don’t have participate in the lodging company’s loyalty program. If you’ve decided you don’t want hotel points but still want something for staying at a property, you should check out Rocketmiles.



Rocketmiles is a hotel booking site that pays you in airline miles. What differentiates them, though, is the offering. When you book a hotel through the site, they’ll give you a certain number of miles per night that you stay. I’ve seen figures as low as 1,000 miles per night and high as 10,000 per night. Naturally, you’ll be able to choose the program that you want the miles credited to.

Two Warnings

The system isn’t without its flaws though. In particular, be careful of two items:

  • Any elite benefits that you have generally won’t apply if you book through a third-party site, including Rocketmiles. They’ll say it’s a case by case basis, although it’s generally a brand by brand basis. You are also unlikely to receive points for your stay.
  • Rocketmiles does not offer a best rate guarantee. In other words, while the price may be the same as what you could get by booking directly, there’s a chance that it will be higher, as well. Be sure to check.

If neither of those is an issue for you, though, the site is likely worth a look.


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    • Mike on February 9, 2018 at 8:34 am
    • Reply

    Three times? Ouch.

    • Chris on February 8, 2018 at 4:22 pm
    • Reply

    Rocketmiles can indeed be a useful tool and I have used them many times. That said, be aware that they do NOT have 24/7 customer service and I promise that with a Rocketmiles reservation you will be the first guest type to be walked from the hotel in the event you try to check in later in the evening and the hotel is fully booked (it has happened to me 3 times).

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