Rocketmiles: Earn miles for hotel stays

For those looking to maximize their miles, there’s a way to earn airline miles for hotel bookings, and the payback is very good. Simply use Rocketmiles.comto book your hotel stay and you’re on your way.

Here’s how it works: has a relationship with hotels in a number of cities and earns a commission for booking you in or actually take in inventory from the hotel companies and resell the rooms. The prices you pay may vary by a few dollars (I’ve seen anywhere from a $2-$9 per night difference.), either more or less than booking directly through the hotel site, but it won’t be much. In return for booking through them, RM will give you anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 airline miles per night in almost every major airline program, with the big exception being Delta.  For instance, I looked at a booking at the Intercontinental in Boston, which is $386 per night for three nights.  By buying through RM, I would earn 15,000 American Airlines miles for a three night booking.  That’s halfway to an airline ticket.  Same thing for the Revere Hotel Boston Common, which would normally cost $335 per night.  And while the site is targeting business travelers, there are certainly a ton of hotels aimed at leisure travelers, as well, with a number of hotels well under $200 per night.

[important]If you book through RM, you may not get the hotel points offered by the actual hotel.  For those who don’t care about hotel points or are booking a hotel that doesn’t offer points, that shouldn’t matter.  Heck, I do care about hotel points, but for 15,000 miles for a three night stay, I’d gladly give them up.  This program is a very, very big opportunity to earn miles.[/important]

I invite you to sign up at this link for When you sign up, the site may ask you for your preferred airline, but you are not stuck with that choice. You can select a new airline at any time.


I’m not making as big a deal about Pointshound, since I consider RM to be the better opportunity, but I did want to bring it up.  PH is similar to RM, but the earnings opportunities aren’t as good.  You earn miles (again, no Delta) based on a multiple of the dollars you spend, but that number is based on your “level,” or how many nights you’ve booked with them before, as well as other factors that they don’t disclose.  They will tell you what you are going to earn, but those number seem to be constantly changing.   At the top level, which is more  than 20 nights per year, you could potentially earn slightly more than you would through RM, but you would likely be giving up more points from RM than you would earn at PH to get there.  The only area in which PH excels is that, for certain bookings, you can earn both your normal hotel points and the PH airline miles, but those rates are much higher than normal rates.  Look for the “Double Up” opportunities.  You can sign up for PH here.


Full disclosure note: I appreciate it if you use the links in the post and may receive something from the company if you do so.  Thank you very much.

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