Radisson Rewards Mid-Year Promotion: 3,000 Bonus Points Per Night

Radisson Rewards, the loyalty program for the Radisson Collection and six other brands, has announced its mid-year promotion. It’s pretty straightforward and lasts from May 27 — August 31. Starting with your second stay, you’ll earn 3,000 bonus points per night. It’s not the best promotion that I’ve ever seen from them, but it’s strong compared to its competitors.

Stays Or Nights

The key to understanding the offer is knowing the difference between a “stay” and a room night.

  • A stay is one-check in and check-out. If you check in on a Tuesday and out on a Friday, that is one stay which lasted three nights. Note that you usually have to move to a different hotel if you want it to count as a second stay. This system prevents people from breaking one long stay into multiple shorter ones to get around the “second stay” condition.

Radisson Rewards: 3,000 Points Per Night, Starting With The Second Stay

radisson rewards midyear bonus point promotion
I’m not sure what the deal with the compass is, although they do have brands on every continent

The summer promotion gives you 3,000 bonus points per night that you stay at one of their hotels. Most properties award you 20 points per dollar spent (more if you have elite status), so 3,000 points is the equivalent of having spent an extra $150 per night. That’s a generous offer.

The only downside is that the bonus only starts with your second stay. Your first stay during the promo period will only earn you the regular number of points.

Using Radisson Rewards Points

radisson rewards award night chart

Radisson Rewards award nights are easy to use. Depending on the category of the hotel and the type of room, the award chart above will tell you how many points your night will cost.

Don’t Forget To Register

Just because you got an email doesn’t mean that you can sit back and wait for your bonus. You have to manually register using the link above. Heaven forbid that you “accidentally” earn bonus points.

So should you bother to do so if you never stay at any of their properties? Absolutely, even if you don’t think you will use it. It only costs you about 30 seconds, but could earn you some free nights, even if you do so accidentally.

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