Quarterly Promos: Marriott And SPG

Well, Starwood adopted one policy from Marriott awfully quickly: Lousy quarterly promos. We recently learned what they will be for the first quarter of 2018, and I’m unimpressed.

For those of you new to the world of hotel points, the lodging companies tend to run a lot of promotions. They run frequent smaller promotions, but also offer larger bonuses on a quarterly basis. Don’t forget that you have to register for these promotions ahead of time, and I’ve included the links below. You might as well do it, since it only takes a few seconds.

SPG Great Weeks, Great Weekends

starwood, spg

The St. Regis Maldives looks awfully good right about now

The “better” of the two promotions, Great Weeks, Great Weekends (GWGW) looks good on the surface but has a few annoying quirks. The base bonus is double points, with another 500 thrown in for including a weekend night in the stay, but…

First, it picked up an “enhancement” that used to be exclusive to Marriott: The bonus only starts on your second stay.

Second, hotels are allowed to exclude themselves. If a hotel doesn’t want to participate, it won’t. Hilton has been the best about including all properties in its quarterly promos, and I hope that the rest of the industry commits to matching.

Marriott’s MegaBonus

Of course, SPG’s promotion is downright generous when compared to Marriott’s MegaBonus. From January 16-March 15, you’ll get 2,000 points per stay, with an additional 1,000 if your stay includes a weekend.* You max out at 50,000 points for the promotion, although it would be difficult to earn that many, anyway. Is there any value in all of these bonuses? Well, that depends. Marriott’s hotels are divided into nine categories, and the first tier hotels start at 6,000 points, ranging up to 45,000 for the top category. Yeah, this promo is not one of their better ones.

Promotions first seen at View From the Wing

Beginner’s Hint: A “stay” is one check-in and check-out, whether you were at the property for one night or ten.


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