“Quarterly” Hilton Promotion

Yesterday, I discussed the quarterly promotions from Marriott and Starwood. Today we’re moving on to Hilton, whose promotion runs January 1 — April 30, 2018.

Points Unlimited


Points may be unlimited, but they’re tough to earn.

At least it has a cool name. Hilton has dumped its usual double points promotion in favor of one that’s simply not very good. You’ll earn 2,000 points per stay (not per night) during the bonus period, as well as 10,000 points every five stays. Don’t forget to register.

Bonuses based on stays are rarely better than those based on individual nights. Since a stay is one check-in and one check-out, you’ll earn a flat rate, regardless of how many nights you stay. In other words, you’re making just as many bonus points for a one-night stay as you are for a trip of several days.

It is possible to earn more from this particular promotion than the traditional double points bonus, but it would involve a bunch of one-night stays at less-expensive properties (since you’ll earn 2,000 points per stay, whether the base price of the hotel is $100/night or $1,000/night). Oh, make sure the number of stays is in multiples of five, as well, to pick up the extra 10,000.

So far, it’s been a disappointing promotional period for the major hotels.


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