Priority Club Shows Why it Pays to Sign Up for Programs (even if you don’t think you’ll use them)

(Subtitled “Luxury Stay in Paris for about $100, Some Conditions Apply)

About six weeks ago, I mentioned the Priority Club “Accelerate” promotion, a bonus that they run about three times per year. The company gives you a list of “tasks” and offers you a ridiculous number of bonus points to fulfill them. What I like about Priority Club is that, the less you normally stay with them, the better your bonus offer will be. So for someone like me, who stays with them once per year,* they give a great promotion. Mine was shockingly easy:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.12.53 PM

The best part about it is that the options are “stackable,” meaning that one stay could fulfill more than one requirement. So a couple of nights ago, we had a one-night stay at the Orlando Airport. That fulfilled the first bullet point. I booked a “bonus points” rate, which raised my price from $86 to $90 and got me an extra 1,000 points, so that fulfilled the third bullet. And I paid for it with my IHG credit card, hitting the final bullet point (If I hadn’t had an IHG credit card, I would have gotten a different requirement.). And since I only need to complete three of the four bullet points, I got the additional 34,700 point “jackpot” bonus, for a total of just over 45,000 points. So one night here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.15.13 PM

Earns me enough points for a stay here:

I could be chilling at the Intercontinental Malta for 45,000 points

I could be chilling at the Intercontinental Malta for 45,000 points


The bottom line is this: Loyalty doesn’t always pay. IHG made me a very generous offer hoping to influence my future stays. Will it work? Well, I’ll certainly stay at one of their properties again next year. After all, it comes free with my credit card. But you’ll never know if you don’t sign up.


*That once per year is also the free stay that comes with my IHG credit card. For $49 per year (annual fee, waived the first year), I get a free night at any property in their system, including the luxury Intercontinental hotels. There is no restriction on category, price, etc., so I’m getting a $600 room night for under fifty bucks. The card can be found here and currently has a strong 60,000 sign-up point bonus.

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