Paying For Luxury Versus Nickel And Diming

So two pieces of news caught my eye this week. One reflects the ultimate in luxury, while the other is just penny-pinching annoying.

Four Seasons And The New Jet

four seasons

Photo from Bloomberg

Because sometimes, a Four Seasons hotel room isn’t luxurious enough. And let’s face it, the old jet was looking a bit outdated.

If you weren’t impressed by a $119,000 ticket, check out the new Four Seasons private plane. At only $147,000 per ticket on the new 48-seat plane. Itineraries are bespoke, and they have a private chef onboard, which means that you’ll likely have more option than chicken or fish. Naturally, the seats are lie-flat and the bathrooms are described as “larger and more elegant.” Does that mean that they’ll have a guy there to give you a towel, and do you have to tip him?

Princess Annoys with Added Gratuities

princess, cruise

Another dollar in the tip jar

And then there are just the nickel and diming that annoys me. There’s a reason that you don’t have to pay $119,000 for a cabin on the ship. Princess just sent out a notice that it is raising the gratuities by a dollar per person per day.

I’ve always just wished that cruise lines gave you a price up front, and that that was it, but that would make a cruise look more expensive. Of course, the total that you pay wouldn’t be any different. It just seems like less when they don’t hit you with everything at once.

What’s most annoying is that the new fee is applicable to any cruise departing on or after May 21, regardless of when you bought it. In other words, you’re not locked in for previously purchased trips.


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