New Hilton Credit Cards Have Arrived

As I discussed back in November, Hilton has used the new year to roll out a new lineup of credit cards, ranging from a free one to a premium one. I don’t have access to the links yet for this site, but if you are anxious to apply, you can go directly to American Express.

Mediocre Sign-Up Bonuses

hilton credit card

This photo comes from my personal offer page. Since I alread have the Ascend card, they’re not offering me a chance to apply again and earn points. Amex is no dummy.

When banks launch new cards, they usually issue them with decent sign-up bonuses. The promos for these cards are adequate, but not great. The $450 Aspire card, which will earn you a ton of points on spending and other goodies offers 100,000 Hilton Honors points after spending $4,000 in the first three months. Those points, though, are only worth about $400. The card automatically gives you Diamond Elite status, Hilton’s top tier.*

The Ascend card should be good enough for most people. It costs $95 per year and comes with 100,000 points to sign up. The card also gives you a free weekend night if you spend $15,000 on it in a year. You’ll receive Gold Elite status just for having it*, while you can earn Diamond if you spend $40,000 annually.

The free card may be the best value for some. You’ll get 50,000 points to sign up and a lower multiplier on dollars spent, but it costs you nothing.


*Beginner’s Hint: It may be frustrating that consumers can essentially buy status by getting a credit card, thus devaluing it for those who earn it the “hard” way, but it’s a fact of life. Still, I love when hotels tell me how much they value their status at. In this case, Hilton is sending a clear signal that it’s worth no more than an extra $95 to achieve Gold status and $450 to earn Diamond.


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And finally, you can apply for credit cards through the Credit Cards for Charity link above. All card proceeds are donated to charity, so please do well by doing good!

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