More Fun In The World Of Travel…

I haven’t been posting as frequently, as I make some changes to the site, but that doesn’t stop the world of travel from going on. Here are a few of the fun things that I have missed.

Wrong Way BA, ftw…

A British Airways flight caused a little extra Umweltverschmutzung when it flew to Edinburgh last week. Flight from London to Scotland? Happens every day. But not when the plane was supposed to be going to Dusseldorf. Seriously, how do you pull that off. Apparently, somebody entered the wrong flight plan, and it just got worse from there. Passengers first discovered the issue when they got off the plane and saw haggis stands, rather than wienerschnitzel.* Fortunately, the plane was able to refuel, go to Dusseldorf and everything ended well, as long as you weren’t that one guy who had to get to a meeting.

There’s a Brexit joke in here somewhere. I’m just having trouble finding it.

Apple’s Blah Credit Card…

apple credit card

Per Yahoo news…

Hey, it’s Apple, so it has to be good, right? There’s been some anticipation around their new credit card but, like the most recent iPhone iterations, they’ve managed to disappoint.

Apple’s new credit card may have a cool design, but that’s about it. The “benefits” that it comes with are standard on many cards, while the rewards are quite blah. They brag about the lack of an annual fee and digital access, but, well, who cares? Rewards:

  • 1% if you use the credit card
  • 2% back if you use Apple Pay
  • 3% on Apple purchases

I suppose there’s something to be gained if you spend four to five-figures per year on Apple products, but that’s about it. For most people, the Citi Double Cash card is a better choice.

Worst thing about the card?  It’s made of Titanium. I know that’s supposedly a design feature, but those metal cards are a pain. They’re impossible to cut up. Take that from somebody who broke a pair of scissors on one.

The Barbie-Themed Hotel Room

hilton, barbie

And that’s the bed for the grownups…

I leave this one without comment. Okay, I will comment. My daughter would love this. So don’t tell her about it, or else my son will make us go to California.


*Okay, I made that up.

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