Marriott’s Greatest Dessert Ever

Yesterday, I wrote a post in defense of Marriott. Today, well, I’m not sure…

Donut Disturb

donut disturb

“Hi, room service? I’ll have the Caesar Salad (dressing on the side) and a Diet Coke. Oh, and a 10-pound doughnut.”         Photo: Creative Commons


I’m assuming that this is one of those products created to generate publicity, like the $5,000 hamburger or the Golden Opulence Sundae.

Yes, all your decadent dreams can now come true as you and 37 friends munch on a 10-pound doughnut, delivered directly to your room at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa. And you can’t spell “Funfetti doughnut” without “fun” or, for that matter, “fet,” which sounds like the French word for party, “fête.”

And what will this treat cost you? That’s the best part. It’s a measly $219, and not only does it come with a couple of milkshakes but you’ll also get a $50 hotel credit which can be used for hotel dining if you’re still hungry. And while $219 may sound like a lot of money, consider this: The average doughnut weighs about an ounce and costs about $1.25. So ten pounds of doughnuts, or 160 of the suckers, would run you $200 at your average Dunkin Donuts. So for the additional $19, you are getting two shakes and $50. That is a deal if I’ve ever heard one.

Okay, technically it’s not a doughnut, but rather, a cake with a coffee lacquer to give it that new-doughnut smell (or appearance, as the case may be). But hey, anything that comes with sprinkles the size of a tricycle can call itself whatever it wants.

(And a hat tip to Flyertalk for the original article)

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