Marriott Redemptions: Hotel Nights And Miles

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A few weeks ago, I discussed the Hilton Honors program, which allows you to earn both hotel points and miles when you stay at a Hilton property. But it works in reverse, as well: You can also redeem for hotel nights and miles, but this time, at Marriott.

Marriott Hotel And Air Packages

marriott flights and hotels

Yup, here too.

When it comes to redeeming hotel points, most people think of using them for nights, straight up. But if you are trying to pay for an entire vacation, Marriott can help you out. Here’s how it works:

The points and nights award chart

If you only need to redeem for nights, Marriott will charge you 6,000-45,000 points per room night, depending on when and where you go*. But if you want miles, you can get them for a few more points. By combining your redemption, you can get a better value. For example, if you wanted seven nights at a category six hotel, it would normally cost you 175,000-200,000 Marriott Rewards points. But if you want to earn some miles, as well, you can redeem for them at a rate of about one Marriott Rewards point equalling one mile. That’s an excellent redemption rate, since Marriott points usually translate to miles at a rate of about four or five to one**.

The Bottom Line: Make sure to examine all of your options before choosing one. You may get a little bonus.

*Beginner’s Hint: Companies divide their hotels into various categories. Generally, the higher the category number, the more points a room will cost. Corporate will generally reimburse a hotel for redeemed points based on the category of that hotel, among other factors.

**You will always get better value when you redeem for a company’s own awards. For instance, if you spend Marriott points, you will get better value if you redeem them for a room at a Marriott hotel than if you redeem them for airline miles.

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