Marriott 29 Ways To Stay Promotion

Well, we’re back. An undetermined technical error seems to have caused the loss of the last six months of posts, but I’m hoping that the worst is past.

Marriott 29 Ways To Stay

marriott megabonus

Some of the MegaBonus prizes you can win

Marriott is currently running a lousy MegaBonus, with the ability to earn points even worse than usual. Their technical expertise being what it is, the bonus side game, known as “29 Ways To Stay,” was delayed until recently.

The site itself still isn’t functioning, but the game is now, and it doesn’t fail to disappoint (Yes, you read it right.). It’s a matching game and, once you get three matches (You have unlimited tries, so you automatically win.), you win a prize. It could be a stay at one of their 29 brands or a point total, as seen above. You also get an entry into their grand prize drawing.

Here’s where it gets fuzzy. The rules say that you can pick up one instant win prize per person, per day. I assumed that meant that I would be getting 50 points every day, but I haven’t yet spoken with anyone who has earned a points prize after their first day. If the same number of prizes are being awarded every day, that shouldn’t be an issue.

The most interesting fact that I learned from the promo? Marriott values their points at 0.9 cents each, a slight premium to the 0.7 cents that I use as a value for them.


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