Lufthansa Surprise: Guess Where You’re Going?

This feature from Lufthansa may be something that I never get to use, but I have to admit, it looks pretty cool.



If you’ve got a lot of time, flexibility and live near Frankfurt or Munich, Lufty has something for you. It’s not an opportunity that many of my readers will be able to take advantage of, due to geography, but it’s such a cool idea that I wanted to write about it anyway.

Lufthansa Surprise (LS) is a feature on the airline that allows you to fly to…somewhere. You put in the dates you are available and the type of destination that you want, and they’ll send you there. The catch, of course, is that they have ultimate control over where you end up (although you can eliminate potential destinations) as well as your flight times. The more flexibility you have, the better your price will be.

Start by choosing the type of destination that you want. Note that clicking on the category will show you a list of potential cities, so you will at least have some idea of where you are going, as I did with “Cities:”


After you’ve clicked on your category, you’ll have a choice of cities. If there’s a destination that you don’t want, you can unclick it, but you must leave at least two alternatives checked. Then, enter your dates and other pertinent information and you’re off!

One note: Be sure that you are really available and willing to go. Tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable.


The Bottom Line

This program is a great way for Lufthansa to fill in unsold inventory as well as letting you get a cheap seat to an interesting destination. US and British carriers, are you listening?

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