Just A Couple Of Weekend Tidbits

Normally, I’m happy if I get one good bit of info from a single source in a week. But two? Hey, twice as good.

Why Do We Need A Seatbelt Demonstration?

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

It’s a plane ritual. No matter what class of service, destination or amount of luggage you carry, you’re going to get the seatbelt demonstration.

But why do we even need it? We’ve all traveled before and, even if we haven’t, it’s not exactly rocket science (airplane science?). Turns out that you’re the problem. No, seriously. It’s you.

Well, more precisely, your muscle memory is. You’ve spent so much time in your car that your natural inclination is to unbuckle by pressing a button. As you know, though, there’s no button on the belt. So that’s it. Not terribly exciting. Just one more opportunity to save you from yourself. You can read about it here.

Truthfully, though, I always listen to the safety demonstration. I figure it’ll be that one time that I forget to do so that the plane will land in the Atlantic, and it’s nice to know where the exits are, even if I’ve never been able to find the life preserver under the seat.

American Raises Price Of Admirals Club

Old And New

Old And New

To be fair, they’re really nice spots to wait for your flight, but eventually, you wonder how high the price can go. USA Today pointed out that American raised the price again, another $50, to anywhere from $450 on the low end to $925 on the high end. At this point, there’s simply no reason to get the membership outright. If you really want to get the membership, get one of the high end credit cards, either the American version or the Citi Prestige, that includes it.

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