JetBlue offering triple miles for Washington National flights

Well, now we know what the next city JetBlue is going to try and dominate in the northeast is.

Thanks to the US Airways-American merger, JetBlue will almost double the number of flights that it operates out of Washington National (DCA) and is rewarding you by tripling the amount of miles you can earn for flying in and out of DCA. This promotion is a biggie for JetBlue, which offers tons of promos but usually attaches all sorts of restrictions to them.  No such restrictions this time.  Simply register for the promotion here and you’re off and running.  Book by July 29th and fly by August 30th to get your triple TrueBlue points.  You can earn an unlimited number of points, so if you have a lot of travel this summer to/from DCA, it’ll behoove you to fly our friends in blue.

[warning]You must register before booking your tickets, so do it now![/warning]

I’m keeping an eye out for other airlines to offer similar promotions.

[notice]You get an additional three points per dollar if you book at, so you’ll be up to 12 points per dollar.  Not bad at all.[/notice]

For more JetBlue news and promotions, please visit my sister site,  No doubt you’ll also see this post over there, with a lot of other information dedicated just to JetBlue.



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