JetBlue (2-Day) And Virgin America (Today Only!) Offering Fare Sales

Note: I’ve swiped today’s post from the one I wrote at InsideFlyer. The bit about Virgin America at the bottom is all shiny and new, however.

JetBlue is known for its two-day flash sales, but the sales are traditionally limited. They might target a certain destination or limit themselves to JetBlue Getaways. It’s rare that you get a flat out discount off of everything.

JetBlue’s 30% off Sale

jetblue sale

You would expect a catchphrase like “We’ve hit a new low” to come from the old Spirit Airways, but it’s the “good kind” of new low. Per the promotion, you can get 30% off everything, outside of the blackout dates. Be sure to use promo code “BIG30” when booking your flight to check for availability. There are terms and conditions, but they are limited.

Terms & Conditions

Every JetBlue sale comes with its own T&C, but today’s are surprisingly benign compared to what we normally see. Be sure to read them for yourself, but here are the most important ones:

  • You must book by 10/19 and travel 10/26 – 12/15, with blackouts around Thanksgiving (11/18 – 11/28). Veterans Day is still included, though. Travel on Sundays are also excluded.
  • In addition to using the code BIG30, you need to book your flight at the promotion website.
  • Previous bookings are out. If you have Mosaic Status, however, you should be able to call and get the difference in the form of a credit.
  • Mint fares are excluded. Sorry, the good seats are still full price.
  • Your flight must originate in the U.S., including Puerto Rico.

Seat Availability

It’s important to note that 30% off is a relative term. Ticket prices are grouped into what are called “buckets.” Once all the seats in a particular fare bucket are gone, the airline’s revenue management system will move up to the next set of fares. Thus, you’ll need to act quickly, not only because the JetBlue sale ends tomorrow but also to keep the cheapest seats from getting scooped up by somebody else.

Virgin America

Can't vouch for the value, but the webpage is very pretty

Can’t vouch for the value, but the webpage is very pretty

So I can’t give you an absolute value for the discount from the normal fares, but I can tell you that Virgin America’s fare sale prices look pretty good. Even better: although travel can’t start until November 1, the fares are good for (most) flights through March 8.


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