It’s Curtains for Delta’s Comfort Plus

Several months ago, Delta Airlines announced the launch of Comfort Plus, a section of the plane between coach and first. C+ will offer goodies such as increased leg room, priority boarding, better snacks and improved service. Ya know, like flying used to be.

And I missed the best part of it. In October, they announced that they would be putting in curtains to separate the section from coach.

What It Sounds Like It Means

I’ve got to give them credit. For the cost of a few dollars, Delta has managed to “enhance” the premium section by giving it that air of exclusivity.

I happen to like flying first class. To me, the most important factor is the additional space. Others like the food, the service, the in-flight entertainment, etc. But what does a curtain do? Sure, it may make people feel better, but it has no practical application. I guess that you could argue that it reserves the overhead bin space for customers seated right in that area, but there’s still nothing to stop a passenger in coach from violating the “sanctity” of the mini-cabin. That’s never been a particular concern of mine, but it could be important to some people.

What It Really Means

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think that there’s something far more nefarious at work. Over time, Delta has steadily increased the number of passengers paying at least something, even if it’s just a fee, to sit in first class. I think that the separation of premium economy is the next step to adding an upgrade cabin for elite members. My guess, and this is only a guess, is that there will be a day when Delta says that only top-tier elite members get upgraded to first class, and the rest get upgraded to Comfort Plus. Then, if you want the additional upgrade, you’ll have to pay an additional fee. Ouch.

The Bottom Line

Like it or not, airlines are turning to fees to generate profits. The upgrade, once a sacred cow, could be on the list for “enhancement.”

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