It’s been a bad week to be a tourist in the UK…

Think you’ve had it rough? Taken a two-hour delay and then gotten stuck in the middle seat directly in front of the rear lav? Be glad you’re not one of these people (Thanks to Flyertalk and Yahoo for providing some entertainment):

  • EasyJet traveler Sean Reilly, who was denied boarding on a flight after being told that he was on the airline’s no-fly list. Apparently, he had misbehaved on a previous EJ flight and banned from flying the airline. But there was a bit of an issue: He had never actually been on the other flight and, in fact, was on the list because of an administrative mix-up. It probably didn’t help when one of the airline’s employees threatened to have him arrested under the “Terrorism Act.” Guys, here’s a hint: If you’re going to screw one of your customers, try not to pick a lawyer.* On the plus side, he’ll probably never fly EasyJet again which, in and of itself, is a major quality of life upgrade.
  • Any other passenger on EasyJet: Apparently, the British low-cost carrier has been overbooking flights and bumping passengers who did not have a seat assignment. Oops. Not really what you want to be doing during summer holidays. Overbooking is common, but summer flights are pretty full, and frankly, for an airline that sells so many non-refundable tickets, is it really necessary to overbook? You’re going to get paid for every seat, anyway. Give it a rest. Added kudos for separating a passenger from her daughter and then trying to charge her £60 to switch flights to stay behind with her. The upside is that EU 261, the rule that governs EU travel, would force the airline to cut her a check for £600. See, that’s where we’re different: much of the time, I’d pay the airline £600 to put my kids on a different flight.
  • Romanians. Assuming you make it to your destination without being booted from your flight, don’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express if you are a Romanian female. At least one hotel has a policy against allowing Romanian women to stay there, because apparently, they’re all prostitutes. The hotel claims that it wasn’t racial discrimination, although it failed to provide an alternative explanation. Seems to me that the desk clerk isn’t too bright, even though he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.



*Or a blogger. Not that we have any power, we just have a lot of free time on our hands with nothing better to do.

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