Is The “New” Marriott Credit Card Really The Highest Reward Offered?

One site that keeps me up to date in the credit card world is Doctor of Credit. A few days ago, the site mentioned a new version of the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card, which some people labeled a “150,000 bonus points” card. Not quite.

The Bonus Card That Isn’t 

marriott credit card

150,000 points. Sort of.

It’s not a bad deal, either, particularly if you are a Marriott customer. Instead of getting 80,000 points up front after making $3,000 in purchases, you’re getting five points on every dollar of the first 30,000, no matter where you spend it (Typically, the Marriott card only offers bonuses in certain categories.). So you’re picking up the additional 70,000 points for $27,000 in spending. 70,000 points is enough to get you a room at any Ritz property and more than one night at a Marriott property. Is that good?

The best way to value points is to determine how much you would have earned if you had put the spending somewhere else. Let’s say that you put the $27,000 in spend on the Citi Double Cash card, which gives you back 2%. You get $540 back (We’re going to leave out the additional $85 you get the first year for the annual fee waiver.), which will get you a few nights at most Marriott properties and a night at most Ritz properties. That’s not terrible, either.

Having said that, read these offers carefully. The “150,000 bonus points” really isn’t 150,000, but it’s not terrible. There is a direct link to Chase (I don’t offer the card.) here.

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