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Today’s article isn’t about miles per se, but rather, an adjacency.

My friend Mike writes the blog TravelZork, which is always a good read. It’s specialty is gambling. Mike knows the programs inside out and has a number of suggestions on what you should join and when. This morning, he linked to an interesting article.

Advantage Players

cosmopolitan las vegas

Someday, this could all be yours. Okay, not really.

The “Advantage Player” is one of the true rarities in gambling. They’re the player who can beat the house. Often, it’s a temporary benefit, and they’re still at risk of losing money. You’re probably familiar with many of them, such as counting cards (which can get you booted from a Las Vegas casino) or “match coupons,” that double your winnings without doubling your bet. There are even a few forms of video poker that give the player a long-term advantage, but few have the bankroll to take advantage of it.*

The article in the first paragraph is interesting because it addresses a situation that we don’t often see: Trouble getting your money back from the casinos. It also addresses some of the issues that we are likely to see as online gambling becomes more widespread.

Bottom Line: The house may not always win, but it’s gonna try.


*You may ask why a casino would even offer a game that has a player advantage. It could be one of several reasons, but the most common is that few players have the ability or bankroll to take advantage of the game, although the player often thinks that he/she does.. Other times, as in the piece above, some players can take advantage of others’ missteps or misfortune.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning TravelZork! And yes, this was a super interesting article. I actually did know a “bit” about this situation with regard to brick and mortar casinos. I just did not realise it was offered online and even more exploitable.

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