IHG Relaunches its Accelerate Promotion

I love the term “loyalty program.” Kind of makes you seem like the merchant is giving you something for having done lots of business with them. It isn’t. But really, would you participate if they called it a “promotion to influence future travel decisions?”

IHG Accelerate

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I can knock out all of the requirements with just five night.

Here’s where it gets interesting: The less loyal you are, the easier the promotion. The company knows that, if you rarely stay at one of their properties, you’re either highly loyal to somebody else’s program or rarely stay in hotels at all. Either way, they know that you’re not going to be staying 20 or 30 nights with them over the next few months.

But they still want to get some incremental revenue from you, so they split the difference. For people like me, who only stay at their brands a few nights per year, they give a promotion that’s easy enough to complete without making too many changes to my normal pattern. I can earn up to 54,900 points, and do so by staying only five nights over the next four months.

True, there are several different requirements, but they “stack,” meaning that a Saturday night stay will count toward both the “Saturday Stays Bonus and the “Stay More, Earn More” requirements. If I book the special bonus points rate, it will also count toward “Earn More, Faster.” And, of course, it will be one of the two brands that you need for “Discover Our Brands.” so one night will count in each of the five categories.

It’s a simple promotion, but it gets at least five nights worth of spend out of me at the cost of a free night at a mid-tier property (IHG rewards cost anywhere from 10,000 to 70,000 points.).

On the other hand, if you are already staying 100 nights per year at their brands, they know that there probably isn’t much incremental spending left. So why should they offer you a generous promotion? They probably won’t. Promotions to their most frequent customers offer more points, but they’re far more difficult to complete. The requirements may include multi-night stays, new brands or even international stays.

It’s worth checking out the Accelerate page and seeing what they are offering you. It may be enough to get you to visit one of their properties over the next few months.

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