Hyatt: King Of The Easy Points Upgrades

Every hotel program has its advantages. Marriott has breadth and a quality luxury product. HiltonĀ  has excellent promotions and an easy path to Diamond (top-tier) status. And Hyatt has the best elite program if you are going to achieve the highest status level. But what if your demands are simple, and you only want a nicer room? Then Hyatt is the way to go.

Hyatt: Make Your Way to Easy Suite

There are a couple of different ways to get to a higher class of service at Hyatt, but what is remarkable is that you don’t have to break your points bank to do so.

Book It All With Points


The table of glory

Option one: Redeem points for a better bunk. Hyatt works for two reasons: Variety and pricing. Not only can you book for a standard room, but you can get club level, a regular suite or a premium suite. Depending on what your needs are, there is probably a spot for you. Note that it’s up to each hotel to define the premium suite. Check with them before getting it.

Hyatt is also more generous than its peers in what these categories cost. At competitors, a standard suite can cost twice (or more) what a regular redemption costs. At Hyatt, it’s only 60% more points. If you are willing to pay double, then you’re moving into premium suite territory. Club level rooms, which get you access to Hyatt’s better-than-average clubs, cost more based on a sliding scale. The better the hotel, the higher the premium will be. At a Category 1 hotel, where there will be few benefits, it’s only a 2,000 point upgrade. The marginal upcharge gets larger until you get to the 9,000 point differential at Category 7. The few Category 8 luxury hotels don’t have the club option.

Upgrade with Points


Upgrade chart

Already booked your hotel? No problem. It’s easy enough to use points to upgrade. The upgrade cost will depend on the type of room that you need. Normally, I’d point to the “sweet spot” on the chart to maximize your value, but in this case, all three options offer value. Again, figure out what you need and what they are offering before making your choice.

Downside: You need to have paid the standard rate for your room so, if you are booking on a corporate discount, it may not be eligible.


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