Huge Hotel Credit Card Bonuses Ending Soon

I’m traveling this weekend, checking out the cherry blossoms, so I’m keeping posts short, but one thing worth noting is that there is a limit to the banks’ generosity when it comes to credit card bonuses, and we are approaching the end. We have “excess” bonus offers at three of the major hotel companies and a darn good one at a fourth. By “excess,” I mean that the bonus is over and above what they normally give. They are:

  • Marriott, which is offering 80,000 points, as well as 7,500 points for adding an authorized user. The base bonus is usually 50,000-60,000 points.
  • Starwood is offering an all-time high of 35,000 points, versus the normal 25,000. This one will be gone any day.
  • Hilton is at 75,000 points, up from the normal level of 40,000-60,000.
  • Intercontinental is still strong, with its normal 60,000 point sign-up bonus not only enough to get a free night anywhere in the world but you also get a free night each year, which can be used at any hotel, not just low-category ones.

As usual, all proceeds from credit cards commissions are donated to charity. Do good by doing well!

An added bonus, if you made it this far: One of the best uses of points or dollars is at extended stay properties, particularly on the weekends. Extended stay hotels are those that corporations often use for employees staying at a location weeks, or even months, at a time. The “rooms” come with kitchenettes and extra space, while the hotels themselves often serve breakfast and dinner, included in the price. Virtually every major chain has them (We’re currently staying at a Homewood Suites property from Hilton.). Since corporate contracts are often only Monday to Friday, these hotels find themselves with a lot of extra rooms on the weekends. They’re great for a weekend with the family.

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