Hotel Updates: Radisson, Marriott

Radisson Rewards (Formerly Club Carlson)

Radisson Rewards

Stay 30 nights to max out the promotion

You know the hotel business is doing well when even the good rewards programs have lousy promotions. Sigh. Welcome to the jungle, Radisson Rewards. This is a loyalty plan that I once referred to as the little program that could, given their generous bonuses and inexpensive prices. Not this quarter, though. Radisson is bringing back a prior promotion based on the nights you stay in the quarter. It’s one that we’ve seen before, and not their best. You’ll receive a bonus based on how many nights you stay between now and the end of March. The problem is, unless you’re going to be staying there a ton of nights, there’s not much to earn. You won’t even earn enough for a free night until you’ve stayed five nights in the promo period. Even at the high end, the 120,000 points is not great. There’s no reason not to sign up, since it’s free, but there’s no reason to go out of your way for Radisson Rewards this quarter, either.

Marriott’s New Bonvoy

Welcome to the new Marriott Rewards. We don’t know too much about it for now, except the name, but the rest of the details will be announced in February.

There’s a problem, though: the name. I don’t know how much they paid a consultant to come up with that ridiculous name, but I gladly would have done a better job at half the price. I assume that they were going for “bon voyage,” but they ended up with something that sounds like a rash that you get from too much time in the jungle. Seriously, which of these sentences sounds more natural:

“Welcome to Bonvoy, the new Marriott loyalty program,” or…

“Doctor, can you take a look at my arm? I think I’ve got a Bonvoy?”

Yeah, I thought so.

Added Bonus: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel struck me as one of those “critics’ darling” shows that won all kinds of awards, but which nobody ever watched. Well, if you’re part of that nobody crowd, it’s time to find a new crowd. Fantastic show, well-acted and Tony Shalhoub plays a character that you could see easily fitting in in “Monk.” Feel free to do it while staying at a hotel, regardless of how ridiculous its loyalty program name is.


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