Hollywood Bungalows, Speedy Flights And Gender Options

I’m in a busy travel period, but that has never stopped interesting stories from hitting the press. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows

beverly hills hotel

The Howard Hughes Bungalow. Miniature Spruce Goose included

Want to be Howard Hughes or Marilyn Monroe? Well, you can’t, but you can live like them for a day or two. For $8,500 dollars or more, you’ll get a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel inspired by one of the Hollywood legends.

The Marilyn Monroe Bungalow has, obviously, Monroe goodies. Sadly, I haven’t seen many of her movies, but would have the chance to do so there, since it features a library of her books and films. You can also freshen up with a “Some Like It Hot” bubble bath and a trip to the Chanel No. 5 perfume bar. Overall, you’ll have 1,670 square feet of Marilyn.

The Howard Hughes Bungalow has everything but a full-sized Spruce Goose. An “Aviation Cocktail Kit” will get you started. Don’t drink and fly. There are also model airplanes to play with roast beef sandwiches to eat. For $8,500, those better be the best roast beef sandwiches that I’ve ever had.

An Airplane That Went Really, Really Fast

Last week, Virgin Atlantic made headlines because of headwinds. Well, tailwinds. With an assist from the jet stream, a flight from LA to London broke the 800 MPH barrier, a record for a commercial flight. Apparently, that was even above the speed of sound, but didn’t count because, as we all know, getting credit for breaking the sound barrier is based on air speed, not ground speed.

On the downside, flight attendants announced that, because of the short duration of the flight, they wouldn’t be able to do a drink service in coach.

Airline Gender Inclusiveness

Say what you will about airlines, but they’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to LGBTQ and gender issues (as have lodging companies). And as another step in the right direction, most of the major airlines have added a third gender category: non-binary.

The additional category will be particularly useful at security, where the TSA requires that you have a “ticket gender” that matches your identification.


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