Hilton Summer Promotion: One Step Up, One Back

Hilton has announced its summer promotion, called Get More. It’s similar to Hilton’s normal double points offers, but throws in a couple of twists. One is good, the other, not so much. The promotion runs from May 6 – September 8. Only base points are doubled. Any bonus points from elite status will, sadly, remain singular. Here are the details.

The Get More Promotion from Hilton

get more, hilton

The Get More promotion from Hilton

Hilton’s summer offer looks similar to past ones. It lasts about four months, requires registration and has few limits on the hotels that you can use. But they also throw a few conditions in for this one.

Getting More Bonus Points

Hilton traditionally offers double points bonuses, but they’ve added some extras this time around. They’re offering bonuses based on your total number of stays during the promo period, with extra increments at 10, 15 and 20 stays. The points are cumulative, so 20 stays will get you 45,000 bonus points, not just 20,000.

Note that they’re using “stays,” not “nights,” as the basis for the bonus. As a reminder, a “stay” is one check-in and check-out, regardless of how many nights you were there. So checking in on Monday and out on Thursday would be one stay of three nights.

One exception: If you have a multi-night stay at a property, but check in and out after each night, it’s still only counted as one stay.

Getting Fewer Bonus Points

Sadly, Hilton has introduced my personal pet peeve into this promotion. You don’t get a bonus until your second stay. This has been a condition that Hilton’s competitors (*cough, cough,* Marriott) have added in the past but that Hilton has avoided. Sadly, that avoidance is no longer.

Should You Register?

Of course you should. It costs nothing to do so and can only benefit you. But I’m not thrilled about the new “second stay” trend at Hilton. If they don’t see any negative consequences, they may continue to stick it in their promos.

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