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Remember those math questions that you got in high school, which started off with, “Two trains were heading in opposite direction.” You were then required to factor in speed, distance, etc. and determine when one of the would reach Utica? Well, I hope you were good at those, since that seems to be the model for the next Hilton promotion.

Points Unlimited: It’s Decent, Once You Understand It

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Tailored for you…and all of their other guests

Hilton has stepped back from its traditional double points promotion to go in a different direction with its Points Unlimited promo. The bonus, which runs from January 4 until May 5, will work out best for those who have frequent stays or nights, as opposed to those who spend a lot of money, which is the model for their previous promotion. Here’s how it works:

  • You get 2,000 bonus points for every stay (one check-in and check-out), regardless of how many nights the stay lasts. For this piece of the promotion, a one-night stay is as good as a stay of any other duration. Reward nights do count.
  • You can also earn unlimited 10,000 point bonuses, based on your number of stays or number of nights. Here’s where it gets tricky. You get 10,000 points after either five stays or ten nights. Once you hit the bonus, though, the counter resets for both stays and nights, regardless of how you hit it. In other words, if you have five stays that total nine nights, you’ll get 10,000 bonus points when you check out after your fifth stay. At that point, though, both your stay counter and your night counter will reset to zero, so you won’t get anything extra for those nine nights.
  • There is a detailed FAQ page which will walk you through some of the math. It shouldn’t be this complicated, but Hilton is not posting a counter on its site, so it may be more difficult to monitor than it seems.

Still, it’s a decent promotion and could end up earning a lot of points for those of you who make frequent, short stays that don’t cost much.


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