Hertz & United plus a robot hotel

I would say that we’re preparing for yet another storm here in the snowy northeast, but is the word “another” really necessary?  It feels like it has been one long snow storm, broken up by periods of hail and ice.

One of the most overlooked parts of any trip is the rental car.  They’re often viewed as commodities, even more so than flights, with one company being as good as any other.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, however, and the quality of car rental companies varies much more widely than that of airlines.

I’ve always had pretty good luck with Hertz, and United just announced a deal with them offering up to 40% off plus 500 miles.  Okay, that 40% off is a gimmick.  Nobody pays full price on a rental car and there are coupons all over.  But 500 miles is pretty good, given that car companies are generally stingy with miles.  Cash back shopping sites will get you an additional percentage off, with BeFrugal leading for Hertz at 5% (Note that is a referral link.).  Taxes and fees generally do not get discounted for the rentals.  Use code 62455 in the CDP line on the rental page.

And, under the category of “strange hotel,” here’s the Hotel Henn-na in Japan, which translates as, well, “strange hotel.”  Ya know how those front desk clerks often seem robotic?  Well, at this hotel, they actually are, along with porters and housekeepers.  You bid for rooms and there’s no air conditioning, only a body heat sensor.  No information on what kind of points you earn, however.

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