Get JetBlue TrueBlue Points for Shopping at Amazon!

A few days ago, I wrote a post about cashback shopping. You can get something back for every purchase you make, with one big exception: Amazon. Fortunately, JetBlue has fixed that problem.

Get TrueBlue Points by Shopping with Amazon


   In addition to any other points you may get

This deal is somewhat shocking to me. Three TrueBlue points are worth about 4.5 cents, meaning that you are getting a 4.5% rebate from every purchase (to be applied to JetBlue), not to mention whatever points you get from your credit card. Almost everything on sale at Amazon qualifies.

There is simply no way that Amazon is paying a 4.5% commission to JetBlue, which means that some of the value of the deal is coming out of JetBlue’s own pocket. I can’t understand why they’re doing this, except to generate traffic for their shopping site, but you may as well take advantage of it.

You’ll find your unique shopping link at the JetBlue shopping portal. Use it whenever you make Amazon purchases.

Thanks to Inside Flyer, where I first saw this deal.





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